Indonesia in the 'Franz Binder' World Ethnographic
Museum Collections (November 2003 - January 2004) -
mini-exhibition with objects from the museum
patrimony, particularly the recent donation from the
Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (2003) and the
Kate Kerr donation (2000).
Handicraft from Ecuador (May - July 2003) -
exhibition itinerated to Sebes, at the 'Ioan Raica'
Temporary Exhibitions. Under the title 'Elements of the
Peoples of the World's Handicraft Creation', the section of
temporary exhibitions includes manifestations organized
with objects from the museum collections, manifestations
in collaboration with the accredited embassies in Romania,
with international cultural associations, or with other
similar museums and institutions, and private collectors.
The various exhibitions itinerated in the country, the
participation in exhibitions organized abroad, the
organization and participation in diverse symposiums as
well as the supporting of international research projects
are other forms of valorizing the museum patrimony.

From its inauguration on May 18, 1993, our museum
presented to the national and international public a series
of temporary exhibitions, besides the permanent exhibition
entitled 'Elements of the Peoples of the World's Culture
and Art'. Thus, the index starts with the most recent
cultural manifestation and ends with the first world
ethnographic exhibition opened in the museum premises
from the Small Square, in September 1992.