The exhibition 'Elements of the Peoples of the
World's Culture and Art' selects a number of about
250 of the most important museum pieces. It offers
the public a universe of objects, which display the
differences and, therefore, the tremendous
cultural world diversity. It is a pleading for equality,
for the comprehension of the riches of the world
cultures, representing a basis for the intimation of
the anthropological constants through a circuit
segmented in a few stages, and built on the idea
of the results of the creative human gesture.

The cultural variety is perceived through extremely
diverse objects, reunited under the unity of ideas
resulting from the universality of the life stages,
manners of thinking or, merely, of the materials
employed. The mental propensities, turned into
action and continued by the materialization of the
objects, give the dimension of the world. The same
unitary human gesture acknowledges, dominates
or takes action in a possessive manner,
embellishes or, eventually, petrifies repetitively in
rules, which govern imaginary territories of the
unknown. The six exhibition rooms reflect these
six gestures.