Among the cultural manifestations that consecrated the 'Franz Binder' World
Ethnographic Museum as an institution of great importance in Romania, the
exhibitions - which turn into account our own exotic ethnographic patrimony - are
the most representative materializations for the ten-year-history of the museum.
The permanent exhibition is the perfect example of valorizing our own collections in
a modern manner.
'Elements of the Peoples of the World's Culture and Art' is the title of the basic
exhibition of the 'Franz Binder' World Ethnographic Museum opened as early as 1993.
It displays in a modern anthropological manner - starting from the rich illustrative and
patrimonial material owned by the museum - some of the fundamental human
gestures that define the social, historical, economical, cultural and spiritual life of the
human being, such as: The Act of Expanding. The Opening towards the Outside, The
Cosmocrator Act. The Space Integration, The Act of Domination. The
Functional-Utilitarian Conversion of Materials, The Act of Possession. The Purchase
and Aggression, The Aesthetic Act. The Valorization of Materials and Forms,
Motionless. The Attitude towards Death.
Temporary Exhibitions. Under the title 'Elements of the Peoples of the World's
Handicraft Creation', the section of temporary exhibitions comprises
manifestations presenting objects from our museum collections or in
collaboration with the accredited embassies in Romania, with international
cultural associations or with other museums and similar institutions. The
various exhibitions itinerated in the country, the participation in exhibitions
organized abroad, the organization and participation in diverse symposiums, as
well as the supporting of international research projects are other forms of
valorizing the museum patrimony.