This Internet site is the third version (September 2004), the first one being launched on May 18,
2003 - the International Day of Museums. During this period, our site has been accessed by over
10.000 visitors. Now we are giving up to this evaluation system in order to avoid the use of
scripts. This new site version is based on a special technology - mapping and imaging -
according to which all the page elements are object images linked among them. This system
allows not only the protection of the page by the Internet crawler robots, but also the adequate
page display, no matter who the Internet navigator is. The only requirement, due to the size of the
folders, is a medium speed connection to the Internet, or, in its absence… a lot of patience. The
advantages of this technology are many: special effects applied on the images, different display
of elements, an exquisite presentation a.s.o.
None of your complaints about the site quality will be taken into consideration, because the 'Franz
Binder' Museum site was not created by an informatics specialist or webdesigner, but by an
interdisciplinary and inquisitive curator from the museum team.
Pay attention! This site is optimized for a screen resolution of 800×600 and 1024×768 pixels.
The estimated time for downloading a page is 5-45 seconds!
You can find the classical presentation of the 'Franz Binder' Museum on the 'ASTRA' National
Museum Complex site at, where you have to navigate in order to find us,
or on You can enjoy a very interesting virtual visit here.
All the materials used (texts and partially graphics) for the Internet presentation belong to the
world ethnographic museum archive, and could also be found in our museum publications. Text
authors: M.Bozan, C.Crisan and the team.

The team specialists from the 'Franz Binder' World Ethnographic Museum: MARIA BOZAN -
department chief; GABRIELA MIHALTIAN - curator; IOANA RASIGA - curator; DANIELA PAU -
conservator; CIPRIAN CRISAN - curator.